redBlocks Workbench

Modern IDE

Within the redBlocks Workbench, embedded software applications can be developed, unit tested and integrated with other software components. It provides easy access to the software modules of the redBlocks Component Library and smoothly integrates with the redBlocks Simulator. The redBlocks Workbench is based on Eclipse and offers all the features, software developers can expect from a modern development environment.


Integrated Unit Test Framework

The redBlocks Workbench includes an integrated unit test framework for convenient testing of all application specific software components. It offers code coverage measurement and graphically visualizes the coverage results, so it is easy to identify the parts of the code the tests do not yet cover sufficiently.


Target-Independent Development

Together with the SiL-Environment (SiL = Software-in-the-Loop) of the redBlocks Simulator, the complete embedded application can be assembled in the redBlocks Workbench. This integrated software can be conveniently debugged and tested on a host development computer, without the target hardware being available. With this approach, the embedded software development process is completely decoupled from the target hardware development activities. When the target hardware is available, there is only a final development step left: The integrated software that was already tested in the host environment needs to be compiled and linked for the target hardware platform with a suitable target development tool.