redBlocks Tutorials

The following tutorials can be conducted with the redBlocks Evaluation Version. If you have not yet done so, request the evaluation package right now.

Installing and Testing the Eval Package

A step by step guide to install the redBlocks Evaluation Package on your computer and test all its components by running an example application in the redBlocks WYSIWYG-SiL-Simulator and debug it in the the redBlocks Workbench.

Build a HelloWorld Application

While conducting this tutorial, you will learn how to setup a very basic SiL-Environment within the  redBlocks Simulator, create a project within the redBlocks Workbench, implement some trivial application code and let your first redBlocks application run in the host simulation environment.


Build a Mainloop Application

The application that is built within this tutorial uses the timing and event services of the redBlocks Mainloop Scheduler in order to do some LED switching. It also demonstrates, how to use the Mainloop Scheduler's tickless mode that allows to easily build applications for energy sensitive applications.

Target Integration

During this tutorial, the previous lesson's example application that was developed and tested in the redBlocks Simulator is now integrated on an XMC2Go evaluation board.


Interacting with the Keil uVision IDE

Each project that is created with the redBlocks Workbench is automatically prepared to be integrated with the Keil uVision IDE. Follow the step-by-step instructions of this tutorial in order to learn how to use the Keil uVision Simulator and redBlocks Simulator in order to virtualize the target processor and the target peripherals on a development computer.


Segger emWin Integration

The redBlocks Simulator is a powerful tool to perform fully automated tests of embedded graphical user interfaces. This tutorial shows how an existing example application built on Segger emWin can easily be integrated with the redBlocks Simulator's SiL environment. Within this setup, the redBlocks Simulator's test script recorder can be used to generate test scripts without the need to do any programming work.