With the Rapid Embedded Software Development Toolkit redBlocks you can substantially shorten the development time, save expenses and improve the quality of your deeply embedded software applications. It was specifically designed for targets with very limited memory and computing resources, typically small 8 to 32 bit microcontrollers (e. g. ARM-Cortex-M-Controllers) with or without an embedded RTOS.


Ready-To-Use Components for typical Embedded Software Requirements

The redBlocks Component Library applies the concept of component based software reuse to embedded software development. Just assemble the ready-to-use software modules to cover typical requirements of embedded applications.


Painless Automation of  Software Integration Tests

Use the redBlocks Simulator's flexible SiL (Software-in-the-Loop) environment to run fully automated integration tests of your software application. Create these automated tests without any programming work, by simply recording your manual tests.


Symbol redBlocks Component Library

Build your embedded software application from ready-to-use components.




Symbol redBlocks Simulator

Interactive Software-in-the-Loop simulation and fully automated integration tests.




Symbol redBlocks Workbench

Target independent IDE for development, integration, debugging and test.



Watch our Videos on the redBlocks Simulator

General Introduction

Establish the SiL Environment

Using the Test Recorder