redBlocks Component Library Blocks

Instead of reinventing the wheel over and over again, you can rely on the thoroughly tested and ready-to-use components of the redBlocks toolkit. They cover many typical embedded software application requirements right out-of-the-box. Thus, you can focus on your application specific features of your embedded device that distinguishes your product from your competitors.

The redBlocks components are organized in the following functional blocks:


Memory Management

Helps developers keep a firm grip on their application’s stack and heap memory consumption. 

OS Abstraction Layer

Defines a common OS interface (e. g. Mutexes, Semaphores, …) for all POSIX-based operating systems and many proprietary RTOS products.

Mainloop Operating System

Run-to-Completion-Scheduler including timer and event handling with minimum footprint and tickless operation mode for energy sensitive applications.

Communication Components and
Communication Abstraction Layer

Abstraction layer for transparent datagram and stream oriented communication (e. g. UDP and TCP).

Serialization and Application Layer Protocol Framework

Declarative definition of application layer protocols for senders and receivers in a single place.

Terminal Shell

Flexible command line interface to the target system via an arbitrary communication interface.

Persistency Framework

Powerfail-safe persistent data storage in EEPROM or Flash-Memory with integrated wear-leveling and minimal footprint.

In-Target Software-Update Framework

Building blocks for custom In-Target Software-Update solutions.

Embedded GUI-Framework

Build sophisticated graphical user interfaces with minimal footprint for your embedded device.

Logging Framework

Extremely lightweight but very convenient debug logging to arbitrary interfaces with a streamlike interface.

Containers and Collections

Intermediate data storage without uncontrolled dynamic memory allocation or exceptions.

Checksum and Hashes

Utility classes for data integrity checks and authentication.