SiL-Simulation and Automated Tests

An embedded software application that is integrated in the redBlocks SiL environment can conveniently be tested with automated test scripts. These SiL-based software integration tests verify the correct interaction of the individual software components. They should be run on the target hardware, in order to discover target dependent software bugs. It is sufficient to replace only those drivers with redBlocks driver stubs that are required for test stimulation and verifying the expected results. Some drivers (e. g. for flash memory) can actually access the real target hardware.

Automated SiL Test

With these SiL tests covering major application level functionality, the system test may focus on discovering errors that are caused from incorrect hardware-software interaction. Thus, the system test effort may be seriously reduced. This is particularly interesting for applications that otherwise require a considerably high proportion of manual tests. For many applications, SiL testing can even render expensive HiL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) test equipment obsolete. Moreover, the redBlocks SiL test environment can easily include checks that are virtually impossible with HiL tests (e. g. check the content of a device's display).