Integration with Segger emWin

Due to its feature to simulate arbitrary embedded (touch) displays, the redBlocks Simulator can be used as a powerful simulation environment and test tool for your embedded graphics applications. In order to demonstrate how easy even sophisticated embedded graphic applications can be integrated with the redBlocks Simulator, the redBlocks Eval Package includes an evaluation version of the Segger emWin Library.


The Segger emWin Library is a very popular embedded GUI framework that can be used to create stunning graphics. By downloading the redBlocks Eval Package, you can try out the redBlocks Simulator and simply integrate your existing emWin application,  experiment with examples provided by Segger or develop an emWin GUI from scratch.

With the redBlocks Simulator you can do all this without a real target device being available yet. Just start with your software development right away and switch to the real target hardware when it is finally available. Refer to the corresponding tutorial for a step-by-step introduction how to integrate an emWin based application.

Segger emWin Logo


Working within the redBlocks Simulator's virtual simulation environment offers the following additional benefits:

  • During development you can easily demonstrate prototypes of your embedded GUI application to your customers or stakeholders on a development computer's screen, e.g. via remote sessions - even if your customer is located at the other side of the world. You can even export fully working prototypes of your simulated application as a self contained windows executable and ship it to your customer within the blink of an eye.
  • Use the powerful test recording features of the redBlocks Simulator in order to conveniently create fully automated tests for your GUI application.

Unlike all other solutions that can be used for automated embedded GUI testing, the redBlocks Simulator is able to test the interaction of the GUI and your application logic in conjunction with all involved peripherals. Klick here to learn more about the general concepts of the redBlocks Simulator.