Embedded GUI-Framework

The redBlocks GUI-Framework comes with minimal footprint concerning data and code memory and is thus a perfect fit to incorporate sophisticated graphical user interfaces even on very resource-limited embedded targets. It is totally platform independent an can thus be used with any monochrome or color LCD display.

Typical applications are vending machines, metering devices, domestic or industrial control applications, ...



A Heating Control Unit with a monochrome display that is used to setup the operating parameters of the central heating system.


Heating Control Unit with a Display

A multi-color embedded GUI of a metering device: It shows the consumption histogram of electrical energy compared to the average energy consumption in the course of a day.


Multi-color embedded GUI of a metering device



  • With the redBlocks GUI-Framework's host tools you conveniently convert arbitrary images and fonts to the compact and efficient embedded target GUI data format.
  • The easy-to-use code components use the GUI data in order to paint text, images and other graphic components to the display's screen.
  • The GUI-Framework can easily be used with any LCD display, because the LCD driver's interface basically only needs a function to clear the display and set a pixel with the specified coordinates to a given color value.
  • The SiL environment of the redBlocks Simulator provides full display support, i. e. applications with a GUI can be fully simulated and tested within the redBlocks Simulator.