Persistency Framework

Many embedded devices need to be tolerant to sudden loss of power. Even when they are just about to modify some persistent data (e. g. their configuration), when the power is lost, the persistent data must never end up corrupted.

The problem can either be solved with hardware support, i. e. capacitors that sustain the power long enough or by software. Due to cost-efficiency, in many cases a software solution is desired. However, using a full fledged powerfail-safe file system is often overkill and sometimes not an option at all, as it occupies a considerable amount of code memory.

Therefore, the redBlocks Persistency Framework takes a different approach: It uses a proprietary format for storing data units instead of implementing files and folders. Due to this concept, the redBlocks Persistency Framework is extremely lightweighted but still convenient to use. Its functionality is sufficient for many embedded software applications, as it still allows different software components to store their persistent data independently from other components.

The redBlocks Persistency Framework saves data persistently to either EEPROM or flash memory, guarantees data consistency even in case of sudden power failure and takes care of memory wear-leveling.