Tutorial: Installation and Evaluation Version Basic Tests (Step 1)

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions how to unpack the redblocks Eval Package and check whether it works correctly in your setup.


The redBlocks Evaluation Package can be run on all current Windows versions. It needs to be installed on a local disk. Do not try to install it on a network drive! It will not work from there. Please note that the installation path must not contain any blanks. Thus, a valid installation path may look like this: E:\RBDK


Execute the installer redBlocks_eval_xxx.exe on your machine, select an installation directory that meets the above mentioned requirements, decide whether you want to install the optional Segger emWin Evaluation Library and accept all license agreements. The installer will create a file Uninstall.exe in the installation directory, via which you may remove all installed files completely from your computer.

After the installation is done, you should have a look at readme.html. In there, you find a link to the locally installed Doxygen documentation that comes with the redBlocks library.

Please note:

As the redBlocks Workbench and the redBlocks Simulator use local socket communication for their interaction, make sure no other service is running on the preconfigured ports 10000 and 10010 on your computer. It may also be necessary to temporarily switch off your local firewall.

The redBlocks Workbench can be started with the file Workbench.exe, the redBlocks Simulator with Simulator.exe