Tutorial: Integrate an emWin Application with the redBlocks Simulator

This tutorial teaches you to integrate an existing GUI application that is based on Segger emWin with the redBlocks Simulator in order to demonstrate how the redBlocks Simulator can be used as a platform for automated GUI testing. For this purpose, the redBlocks Eval Package includes a free demo version of the Segger emWin library that may only be used in conjunction with the redBlocks Simulator on a host development computer.

In order to be able to use the Segger emWin demo library, you need to select it during redBlocks Eval Package installation as an optional component in the installation wizard.

Be aware that the redBlocks Evaluation Package and the Segger emWin demo library that is provided along with it, have some functional limitations. For instance, there is  no support for multi buffering, i.e. you need to activate emWin Softlayer support in order to be able to run an emWin based application within the evaluation version.

During the course of this tutorial, we will use an existing emWin example application that is available on the Segger website and integrate it with the redBlocks Simulator.