Tutorial: Integrating the Mainloop Application on an XMC2Go Evaluation Board

This tutorial shows the steps that are necessary to integrate an application that was developed in the simulation environment on a real target.

In the course of this tutorial we are integrating the Mainloop Application from the previous tutorial on a low-budget XMC2Go evaluation board.


XMC2Go Evaluation Board


As the redBlocks Workbench does not offer target development support, you need to choose your favourite target development tools for cross-compiling, flashing the application and debugging on the target. This tutorial is conducted with the MDK-Lite Edition of the MDK-ARM Microcontroller Development Kit which is available for free and can be used to build target applications with a size of up to 32 KB. Be aware that the redBlocks evaluation package is restricted to support only this IDE.

The complete code that is built during this tutorial can be downloaded here.