Tutorial: Building a HelloWorld Application

This tutorial describes how easy it is to develop a simple "Hello World" application with redBlocks. In the embedded domain, the classical "Hello World" application does some LED switching. This is what our sample application is going to do as well: It consists of an LED that can be switched on and off by pressing a button. Even though the application level functionality is certainly trivial, this tutorial addresses all the steps that are necessary to set up a redBlocks project on top of the redBlocks Hardware Abstraction Layer.

The complete code of the example that is built during this tutorial can be downloaded here.

The most distinguishing feature of the redBlocks development toolkit is the option to completely develop and test an embedded application with the redBlocks Simulator on a development host, without a target being available. This is what we are going to do with the sample application in this tutorial. With an optional last step, the application can easily be ported to an embedded evaluation target. Due to the redBlocks Hardware Abstraction Layer, any redBlocks application can easily be deployed to an arbitrary target system by replacing the simulation driver stubs with drivers for the real target

Before starting this tutorial you should have installed and tested the redBlocks evaluation package (instructions can be found here).