Tutorial: Interacting with the Keil uVision IDE

This tutorial shows how the Keil uVision Simulator and the redBlocks Simulator can be used to virtualize both the processor and the peripherals of an embedded target on a development computer (click here to read more about this concept).

Being an instruction set simulator, the Keil uVision Simulator takes care of emulating the target processor, while the peripherals on the target device are simulated by the redBlocks Simulator. In this setup, the application code is integrated with the redBlocks SiL simulation driver stubs and compiled with the target compiler. The resulting binary target code can be debugged within the Keil uVision Debugger. During the debug session, the graphical representation of the target device in the redBlocks Simulator can be operated just like the real hardware device.

During this tutorial we will show how the example application VendingMachine that is shipped with the redBlocks Eval Package can be operated in this setup. Step-by-step instructions how to install the Keil uVision IDE can be found in this tutorial.